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Stuck in time

It happened imperceptibly. I just started listening to old 80's and 90's tracks. Some Pixies here, a smattering of Depeche Mode and The Cure there. Then it was deep dives into all the old albums. Doolittle, Psychocandy, Disintegration, Bleach. On Spotify I built a playlist of hundreds of songs from the before 1996. Then I found it was all I was listening to. I started wearing baggy jeans again. No Doc Martins, but the clunkiest shoes I own. I spotted a flannel at the local consignment, bought it. Combed my hair down in my eyes. Complained about corporate rock.

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Vimcasts! If you don't know what vim is then don't bother

Oh my, I think I'm in love. This is some serious nerd porn. I think I'm in love with this guy.

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Tech companies paying for you to have kids ... later

This kinda creeps me out a litttle: Apple and Facebook Pay for Female Employees to Freeze Eggs.

I'm not really sure why exactly. I suppose any "benefit" a company provides is a good thing, so I'm all for it. But it just kinda stinks of "Hey, why have kids now when you can put it off indefinitely?". And since shareholder corporations generally act in their financial best interest, I'm curious what the angle is. Have they done the math and decided this will lead to fewer pregnancies on company time and so it's worth the expense?

Not that anyone should be having children mind you. They're disgusting little germ traps!

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Spamicide module stops the user registration spam

So just like WordPress, Drupal appears to be plagued with user registration spam. So far the spamicide module is working well for me ... but only after I customized the form id to use in the settings.

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Look Mom, I Drupaled

So I've officially gone Drupal. WHAT! I know.

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Delete All Your Spam Comments with WP_CLI

I had 8,000+ spam comments that needed to be cleaned up and I certainly wasn't going to delete them 100 at a time ... sheesh.

wp comment list --fields=comment_ID,comment_approved --status=spam | xargs -I {} wp comment delete {}
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Daily Lesson

I've discovered that listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn requires a certain emotional and aesthetic context. But when it's right, it's just so damn right ... #texasflood

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This is my first update

Blah blah

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Quick List: Things WordPress Plugins Developers Can Do to Help Their Plugins Scale

1) For heavy backend operations like generating reports, don't generate the screen on the init hook. Schedule a cron job and generate it periodically ... if the administrator needs it right away, give them a refresh button.