Simplr WordPress Registration Form Plus

Update: After much thought I've decided to make Simplr Registration Form Plus free in the WordPress Repository. For everyone who has purchased this plugin I very much appreciate your support.

Update: Simplr Registration Form Plus 2.2.0 is now available. Documentation on the new features coming soon ... Simplr Registration Form - Plus is a brand new premium version of my popular Simplr Registration Form plugin available for free in the WordPress Plugins Repository. With Plus it's easier than ever to add role-specific registration forms to your WordPress Site. I've basically take all the work out of it.


Profiles and Redirects

Screenshots [fancy_gallery]

New Features in Simplr Registration Form Plus

  • ReCapcha integration for spam protection
  • Easy interface for adding and editing fields
  • Custom Front-end Profile Page
  • Callback Field Type for custom options
  • Better Security
  • Simple interface for inserting registration forms
  • Hooks and Filters for extending with the WordPress API
  • Just $20

Plus there are more add-ons planned for future premium releases!!!


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where in the code can I make the label go after the radial button instead of before?

Is there any way to hide the registration form if the person viewing is already registered?

Thanks for making simplr registration form plus available.

I want to support this registration form from my own plugin using a hook to check that a user has a valid software license.

We normally do this by using the wp core filter of 'registration_errors'.

I can see the following simplr hook that I could possibly use, however it does not pass the data actually entered to do any custom validation.

//use this filter to apply custom validation rules.
$errors = apply_filters('simplr_validate_form', $errors);

Should it pass $data as well??

Hi, thanks for providing this nice plugin.

Is there any way of hiding the UserName field and have it default to the email address.

I've tried editing the simplr_form_functions file where you build and validate the user id, but my PHP skills are limited and I couldn't get it to work.


I've installed it on production site. There's current an error on registration page.
Please help me solve this issue.

Warning: require_once(/home/gayongma/public_html/gmsueonline/wp-content/plugins/simplr-registration-form/lib/sreg.class.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/gayongma/public_html/gmsueonline/wp-content/plugins/simplr-registration-form/simplr_form_functions.php on line 439

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/home/gayongma/public_html/gmsueonline/wp-content/plugins/simplr-registration-form/lib/sreg.class.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/gayongma/public_html/gmsueonline/wp-content/plugins/simplr-registration-form/simplr_form_functions.php on line 439

Thank you.

I have the exact same problem as Reezal.
The file "sreg.class.php" is missing.

I have same problem still yet if any body have this file or any other way to get this so please leave a reply.


I have the same problem, where sreg.class.php is missing. Anyone who has found the solution to this?

I have this problem, do you know how to fix it? :D

Fatal error: Call to a member function getLoginUrl() on a non-object in /home/cali/public_html/wp-content/plugins/simplr-registration-form/simplr_reg_page.php on line 432

Hi Mike,

Could you please say where we can find the file sreg.class.php?

Missing it in the archive has broken my heart and page.


Truly no matter if someone doesn't understand then
its up to other visitors that they will assist, so here it happens.

I cant get it to work.... I have the page at using the short code [register message="Thank you for joining the Zombie Emergency Tactical Agency. You are now a ZETA Field Agent. Should your services be needed, or in the event of an outbreak near your location, a Senior Field Agent will contact you. Good luck, and stay safe." fields="firstname,lastname,email,age,location,skills"] but it shows as an empty page.

I have registering turned on, and followed the instructions. I have no idea what I did wrong.


Take a look here at the WP support forum for the plugin here

There may be a partial solution to your problem. That may allow viewing the form but you may be unable to save changes on the Users->Profile (eg Your Profile) pages as the save button may not appear.

Hi ,

I want to use Simplr WordPress Registration Form Plus plugin. Is there any tutorial about how to use. How can i add login page?

@kamal, check the Wordpress support page for information. There's no support about.

That said, I don't think it adds a login page. You can create a custom registration page. When you've installed and activated it, go to your profile page and scroll to the bottom to see if the page is OK.

The registration page you create will work but it seems there is some conflict caused by Simplr on user profile pages.


Hi Love the plugin so simple to use, but where do I see the list of those who have registered?

Look at the standard user manager from WP itself.

I have looked in -Settings - registration forms and can find nothing

It is a nice plugin, but i cant figure out where to translate lines/words.
I have form.class.php changed, switched the date (we have day month year order) and translated some other words in there.
The form still shows english labels. Where to change those?

Thanks for making this free. However on foxfire browser the reCATCHA sits over the password area. Any thoughts on how to fix this.





How is it or is it possible that some fields are side by side or only or one below the other?