About Mike Van Winkle

So why would you ever hire someone with a Masters in Social Sciences to work on your website?

Lucky for the world, I quickly realized I just could not spend my days and nights alone amidst a pile of books. Instead I was excited by the new world being forged online. I started my first blog in 2003 and was launching websites for friends and neighbors by 2005.

After graduate school I worked as a researcher for a non-profit in Chicago, IL. But even in that role I found myself gravitating to new media. I helped the organization launch their first blog in 2005 as well as several other web projects.

In early 2008, I officially joined the web industry by taking a job as Director of New Media for another  non-profit in Chicago. With that organization we launched a blog network (using WPMU) and put together a series of blog-training seminars around the country.

By late 2008 it was onward and upward. I took a job as Web Director for a well established Foundation based in New York. I was charged with completely revolutionizing their web presence. In late 2008/early 2009 the organization had only 100,000 monthly page views on its websites. By the time I left that organization in 2010 we consistently averaged 400,000 or more monthly page views and over 100,000 monthly unique visitors.

We accomplished this through a combination of technological investment and an organizational commitment to the ethos of open source: share and share alike.

Since 2010, I’ve worked as a independent contractor and consultant on dozens of projects. A selected portfolio is available here.

I’m an expert in WordPress, PHP, MySQL and I’ve worked for years in small, but fast-paced environments where web projects determine the success of the business. My communication skills are outstanding and I’m as good looking as I am charming. Ok, that last part was just to see if you were still reading.

So go check out my portfolio already or just call me @ 727.280.6994.