Beware Google Analytics

I’ve been a huge fan of Google Analytics for years. I first started using it in 2007 and quickly fell in love … but then became dependent. The love, not so bad, the dependency, a real issue.

I currently use Google Analytics to monitor traffic for the non-profit I work for. I’ve been doings so since January 2009 when we launched a new site. Here’s the problem. I logged this week to check the stats and guess what? One account out of the dozen I have registered to my username has disappeared … and it’s the one account I depend on for my job. A year and a half of data … gone.

I surfed all the help forums and followed the advice to no benefit. There’s clearly something screwy going on, because at the same time that my account is missing, there’s also a strange new account number, with no data associated with it, showing up in my dashboard. I can only assume this account belongs to some other poor soul who has lost his account and now has mine.

The truly frightening part is that Google has almost NO support mechanism for addressing the issue. No ticketing system. No “premium” support option … nothing.

It’s like finding out Atlas (the greek god holding up the world) is really just a 15 year old kid with a bad complexion and too much time on his hands.

Can I trust Google with my email? Can I trust them with my documents? I no longer think I can. Beware Google Analytics, Beware Google.