Some links and stuff

Moving sucks. We moved to a new apartment over the weekend and there’s just so many ways in which moving sucks. The mess, the disruption, the cleaning, discovering how dirty you really are after all your crap is removed, the cleaning, the mess, the lifting, the dusting, the cost, the cleaning. You get the idea. So I’ve nothing of worth to tell you this morning.

But Brian Gardner does, he’s thinking a lot about minimalism … which rocks. But the whole “no-sidebar” makes me nervous. What if I want to sell ads? what if … what if? Come to think about it my sidebar has been a big pain in my ass from day one. Hmm. Let’s see.

Also this is really cool if you like SVG stuff.

Finally, I was reminded how awful the 80s were this morning:

What I don’t know

Inspired by Terry Beyak, I thought I’d write my own list of things I don’t know. I should specify this will be an abridged list of “known unknowns” as opposed to “unknown unknows”, of which making a list would be impossible.

  1. Ruby on Rails
  2. Swift / iOS Development
  3. Java / Android Development
  4. The meaning of life
  5. NoSQL Databases like Mongo/Cassandra
  6. system.d
  7. AngularJS
  8. The best places to hike
  9. All the tree species in Sonoma County

Open Thread: Reading your spam email

I decided to read some of my spam email this morning and discovered to my delight that:

  • I received two direct deposits for loans totaling $45k with generous payback terms;
  • I could “put fewer calls on hold” by buying something called Business Phone System … not sure how that works … ;
  • The swimming pool supplies I ordered while being an apartment owner/renter for over a decade are nevertheless ready, curiously from the same company selling “business phone system”
  • I apparently joined a senior dating group which is … AWESOME!; and
  • The million dollar mansion I purchased in Florida is ready a rehab job.

Spammy me sounds like an eclectic guy.

A Wee Bit of Downtime

Sorry folks, we had a wee bit of down last night due t0 my own stupidity but now we’re back up and running. Back to working too much and blogging to little. As most of you know I’ve taken a position at WPEngine and they’re working me like mad, but I’m learning all sorts of new cool crap to bring to my projects so … woo hoo!