Five WordPress 3.0 Plugins You Should Try

So WordPress 3.0 has been around for a few weeks now, and there are already plugins flooding the WordPress Repository meant to help you manage your new post types.  Some are outstanding, some not. But here’s a quick rundown.

WordPress Custom Post Type UI

Developer: WebDevStudios | Download Link

This was likely the first WordPress 3.0-specific plugin posted on It creates an easy-to-use interface for creating and managing your custom post types. You can also use it to manage taxonomies.

While I always recommend people try to learn as much about the code as possible so as not to be overly reliant on plugins. This is a good one to keep around. It will make your life easier and keep you functions.php file from getting too crowded.

Post Type Switcher

Post Type Switcher

Developer: John James Jacoby | Download Link

I love this simple little plugin. It adds a post type switcher to your “Publish” meta-box that allows you to easily change a page or a post to a custom post type. Though, I wish he’d find a way to work this into the bulk editing functionality so you could switch multiple posts at once.

WP Easy Post Types

Developer: NewSignature | Download Link

This plugin takes the custom post type user interface to another level. Not only can you create and manage new post types but you can create and manage custom fields and meta boxes associated with a particular post type. It comes with a built-in date picker field to help with post types that are date-specific. Another key feature giving this plugin loads of potential is that it allows you manage the admin display of your created post types. For instance, if you wanted a custom field to show up in the posts list screen, you can do that.

Relations Post Types

Download Link

From a developer POV, the Relations Post Type plugin is the most interesting one I’ve seen because it satisfies the need to easily related data between post types. Say you have an Events post type and you want to associate each Event with a speaker. You can do this by creating a custom taxonomy for “speaker”, but you would be limiting the amount of info you could assign to the term “speaker”. So what if you create another post type for “Speaker” then assigned a speaker to the Event using a custom meta box. You can do that but there will be some serious custom programming involved. That’s what this plugin does.

But before you run off thinking the Relations Post Types plugin is going to save your wordpress dev project,  it still has a long way to go. For one thing, the documentation is non-existent. It comes with an easy to deploy sidebar widget, but to do anything more you’ll need to dig into the code.

Also, the plugin sets up an additional table for storing the relationships, which means you’ll have to do a little SQL to retrieve the info, unless the developers decide to create a special query class. Some might question why the relationships couldn’t be stored as a custom field instead of in a new table. The answer, at least in my estimate, is that a relationship table will allow you to perform more complex and more efficient queries on the data.

So, while this plugin looks awesome in theory. There’s some time before it will be mature enough for non-expert devs to use.

Convert Post Types

Developer: Stephanie Leary | Download Link

Ah hah! Here’s the one I’ve been waiting for. Need to convert all those old events-category posts to you new Events post type? This will do it for you in one click saving you the trouble of performing any DB operations via phpmyadmin. Whoo hoo!

Are there any I forgot? If so, let me know and I’m happy to look at them.