Use the WordPress Heartbeat API

A new WordPress performance bottleneck is looming:  admin-ajax.php.

More and more plugins are relying on the admin-ajax.php and the wp_ajax_ hook to deliver their content and functionality making WordPress more dynamic than ever. The problem is that if you have multiple plugins running all making their own wp_ajax calls without concern for what the others do, you end up with 4 or 5 server requests being required to render one page. This is a nightmare for server admins, especially since wp_ajax_ is often implemented as a POST request which allows it to bypass caching from cloudflare or varnish or what have you.

The solution is not to abandon wp_ajax_ but to come up with a better way to manage it. I really like what the Heartbeat API is doing. Instead of each client plugin managing it’s own request, you can tie into an existing “heartbeat” to get the info you need. I would recommend all plugin and theme developers use the Heartbeat API approach if at all possible. At least until wp_ajax_ gets  streamlined.

Jmapping : Jquery plugin for Google Maps

Need to quickly integrate Google Maps with a series of posts? Try using JMapping. The easy part of this Jquery plugin is that you really don’t have to know much Jquery. Just loop through your posts with the right html syntax and POW! it happens. There are other jquery approaches that are more flexible … but they require considerably more knowledge.