Use to organize your github issues into a scum board

Just a quick endorsement. I’ve been very much enjoying using for work lately. I’m managing the development of “Terminus” which is Pantheon’s command line utility. is a chrome extension that allows you turn the normal issue queue via into a pseudo scrum board. turns your normal issue queue into a scrumboard turns your normal issue queue into a scrumboard

What I don’t know

Inspired by Terry Beyak, I thought I’d write my own list of things I don’t know. I should specify this will be an abridged list of “known unknowns” as opposed to “unknown unknows”, of which making a list would be impossible.

  1. Ruby on Rails
  2. Swift / iOS Development
  3. Java / Android Development
  4. The meaning of life
  5. NoSQL Databases like Mongo/Cassandra
  6. system.d
  7. AngularJS
  8. The best places to hike
  9. All the tree species in Sonoma County