The Conflicted Developer

As a developer I’m always struggling to balance the urge to learn new stuff and the need to be the best at the stuff I already know. I’m not sure you can be both, right? You’re either the guy (or gal) who knows everything about WordPress or Drupal or Ruby or whatever. Or you’re the guy who is flexible enough to work with all of them. So how do you know which one you are? And which one should you want to be?

I oscillate between the extremes daily. I’m starting to learn Kohana (the “swift” PHP framework). Of course, by the time I learn it there will be something else out there that needs to be learned. Chasing the dragon.

On the other hand I’m pretty comfortable working with Codeigniter for Custom PHP and WordPres for the quick stuff. Maybe I should just focus on being good at those before trying to learn new stuff.

What’s a developer to do?