WordPress freemiums getting a little out of control

I’ve spent the last two 2 – 1/2 years working for WP Engine and Pantheon, both managed hosting solutions for WordPress. And it’s been nearly that long since I’ve actually built a site using it.

Weird I know. But I generally just do straight PHP these days and lately I’ve been playing around with Drupal some. 

This weekend I taught a short workshop in Petaluma about building sites with WordPress. Needless to say, I spent time last week building a couple of different test sites and experimenting with some newer plugins I had not used before.

Biggest takeaway? The whole “freemium” plugin marketing explosian might be getting a little out of hand. I totally get why people do it ( heck I did it for a while ),  but it’s an awful user experience to have every single plugin you install try to sell you an upgrade. 

If WordPress is going to continue to allow freemium marketing in their repository I think there should be some agreed about conventions about where those ads should be. For instance, a ‘nag’ on the settings page is ok, but on every admin page not much.

Is it me ?